We're Turning a New Page
Thank You for Being a Part of Our Story

Hey there beautiful souls,

What a journey it's been! When we started DRK Beauty Healing, our mission was clear but audacious: offer a safe space and free therapy for women of color during a time when the world was anything but certain. And wow, did you all show up! Your stories, your healing, and your resilience have been nothing short of inspirational.

As we navigate life's next chapters, DRK Beauty Healing will be transforming too. We're winding down our directory and services, but the vibe and the mission aren't going anywhere.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your healing journey. We might be closing one chapter, but this story's far from over.

With all the gratitude, Wilma Mae - Founder, DRK Beauty Healing

DRK Beauty The Healing Home

The Healing Home Podcast:

Your New Go-To

Ready for more? Our podcast, The Healing Home, is stepping into its second series in 2024. We'll explore what it means to create a balanced, well-nourished life—beyond just the physical. So stay tuned!

Where to Turn Next?

We get it—the search for mental wellness doesn't have an end date. We've got your back with a list of alternative resources, specially curated to focus on the well-being of people of color, gender non-conforming individuals, Indigenous communities, AAPI, and more.

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