Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining DRK Beauty Healing – one of America’s leading free mental health resources for women and non-binary people of color! 

Before you begin filling out the form below, please take a moment to receive our heartfelt thanks for your continued commitment and extensive work you do for and on behalf of communities of color. As a healthcare provider delivering culturally responsive mental health services, you are a crucial part of our healthcare ecosystem, and for that we are grateful.

We’re honored to have your support and interest in joining our DRK Beauty Healing Clinicians community- home to a distinguished network of 130+ culturally responsive clinicians. To date, we have delivered free therapy to 300+ persons of color across 60% of the United States. Our aim for the months ahead is to continue to grow our network of clinicians to ensure we can support more people of color nationwide.

To become a member of our DRK Beauty Healing Clinicians Network:

  • United States licensed clinicians, associates, or supervised interns must complete the brief registration form below. 
  • All clinicians must have an active license or be supervised by a clinician with an active license.
  • You are also responsible for ensuring you are covered by the appropriate professional liability insurance required to practice.
  • We accept clinicians of all backgrounds (race, ethnicities, gender & orientation).

DISCLAIMER: To ensure we are in compliance with HIPAA, there is no DRK Beauty Healing-specific paperwork involved in the process at this time. As DRK Beauty Healing is ONLY a connection point, it is YOUR responsibility as a clinician to onboard the client (using your professional discretion) using the same protocols in place for your current practice.

As a part of the onboarding process, we kindly ask interested clinicians to donate at least 10 pro bono hours towards our initiative. While this is not a mandatory part of the onboarding process, donating clinicians will benefit from additional opportunities (many of which are paid), such as access to the DBH Emergency Therapy Fund and writing gigs for high-profile media outlets and strategic partners. Additional professional and personal development opportunities will become available as well. Whichever option you choose, please indicate your availability and preference in the registration form below. If you would like to join our directory without donating pro bono hours, your application will still be considered. 

Once you complete and submit your registration form, our team will review and verify the information you provided before approving your application. If and once it is approved, your profile will go live and you will receive an email confirmation, including next steps, from us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our team at

And remember, your time and effort in the forefront and behind the scenes, though it may not always feel this way, is deeply appreciated and will continue to profoundly impact the lives of many today and for generations to come.

Many thanks,

Team DRK Beauty Healing

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