A Message from Wilma Mae Basta

Founder & Executive Director

Ten years ago, I was suffering from severe depression and completely broke down and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks. Afterwards, I turned to talk therapy which was good but ultimately not enough for me on its own.

I didn’t know where to find the complete care and tools I needed as a Black woman. In the end, I spent years exploring, experimenting and building my own wellness toolkit – a custom blend of both clinical and spiritual modalities. Over time, it led to deep transformation in my life which eventually led to DRK Beauty Healing.

I believe that the most successful paths to mental health and wellness are created by the individual who is supported. When people of color have unfettered access to healing services, tools, and modalities along with structured support, they are empowered to create their own healing journey and ultimately break the shackles of generational and situational trauma.

Who we are

DRK Beauty Healing is a non-profit 501(c)(3) mental health and wellness organization which supports Black, Latinx, Indigenous, South Asian, East Asian women and non-binary people of color to discover, experience, and build their own personal healing journey. We currently offer access to free and subsidized therapy.

Initially launched in May 2020 as an immediate response to the impact of COVID-19 on communities of color in the U.S., DRK Beauty Healing quickly grew during that year of racial and political strife amidst an ongoing pandemic.

Today, our network includes 130+ culturally responsive clinicians. We have been able to deliver 2000+ hours of free therapy and help over 300 people of color across 60% of America.

We believe in a holistic approach to healing and well-being. Healing is hard and messy but ultimately fulfilling. We want to support you in that journey. As we continue to grow, DRK Beauty Healing will be introducing many different opportunities to discover, learn and participate in a variety of healing modalities and programs. Our mission is to become your home for healing.